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Oh Marie- What will we do without you?!! We feel like we have made
a friend for life in you! Thank you for your humor,your love, and for being
so patient and understanding with us! Summer Hill is a wonderful place
filled with a wonderful staff and because of that you create kids
who are creative, self assured, and compassionate.
We will miss you so much!


The Jaffe Family

“I just wanted to say Thank you for another great summer!
Emma and Jay enjoyed each and every day! They talked about their
friends, their projects and all the activties often and to everyone!
They were so excited to share an awesome day. As a mother, I knew
they were safe and well cared for everyday. Jay’s smile- full of dirt
at the end of the day showed me how much fun he had! Emma
loved all of her counselors and was so proud she had done a backbend
with Miss Lauren by the end of the summer! They are both great
swimmers now too! Thank you for taking such good care of them,
fostering their independence and self confidence as well as their
creativity and imagination. They loved being outdoors and doing
all the sports and nature activties kids should be doing! You have
a wonderful program and we appreciate all you do for the children!

The Bant Family

I just wanted to send a special thank you to all of the staff and teachers
at Summer Hill. You all have been so influencial in my son, Bryce’s life.
I have watched him transform and grow over the course of the school
year and a HUGE reason for all the positive change is because
of you and how you model and teach the children. I am so thankful
that we found Summer Hill, because both Bryce and I would
not be the same without having you in our lives. Thank you so much
for helping Bryce start to become a wonderfully amazing little
man he is. Without all of you, it would not be possible.
Please know it means the world to me!”


Caitlin Simpson

I can see such a change in Vinnie how much he is learning and how proud
of himself he is when he does something on his own, and how excited
he gets when he tells all of the awesome things he has done in school.
We knew from the start we picked the right school and we are so appreciative
of you and the wonderful Staff at Summer Hill!

The Anello Family

I’m certain Summer Hill is prepared for all the drama of a child’s preschool days. But as a mother of yet another crying child, Thank you! It has always been reassuring to leave knowing they were in your hands. I have genuinely appreciated the updates on Kaia’s progress at pick up time and we have truly enjoyed watching her blossom this year. She is a constant source of amazement and I can only imagine what next year will bring!

The Barbiere Family

Well another summers come and gone and as usual you guys have
been terrific! Kayleigh had a great time with all of you!
See you next year!”

The Honey Family

Thank you for another fabulous summer! The kids had a wonderful time
and are already begging us to make a DVD of their camp show!
And they are swimming like champs! Have a great summer
and we will see you next summer!

The Clements Family

Thank you for all of the care, support, and love you have shown our girls
over the years. We will miss you!

The Hummel Family

I cannot express enough thanks for all you have done for Autumn.
You took the time to understand and care about one child you needed
someone to believe in her- THANK YOU! Your staff is out of this world!
From the smiling faces that greet us every morning, to the lifeguards
who teach them how to swim- they are the BEST!
Thank you for a great summer!

The Trowbourst Family

I just want to thank you for doing such an oustanding job, this was my daughter,
Hannah’s first experience with Summer Hill and she LOVED it! She was very
apprehensive in the water and she even learned how to swim!! There is so much
guilt involved with raising a child while working full time and you really have
alleviated a lot of that for me! She was out in the fresh air, swimming, taking
nature walks,etc. She had a wonderful time and all the staff who work
for you couldn’t have been any nicer. Thank you for a wonderful experience.
See you next year!

The Rose Family